7 Days to a
More Organised Homeschool

A Short Course to Help You Focus on what Matters

Yes Please!

Get Organised 

The 7 Days to a More Organised Homeschool short course includes daily activities, emails, printables, instructions, inspiration and a discount coupon for live coaching. You can use these resources and tools to thrive in your home education journey with your family, and gain confidence along the way.

The course includes a lot of real-life examples and stories from our large family's 20+ year homeschooling journey.  Discover some of the planning and management methods behind our personal organised chaos!

This course has no audio components, and the only videos are slideshows.  It's probably best completed where you can concentrate, read the information, take some notes.

You can go through this course with as little as paper and pencil, or simply some documents on your computer or notes on your phone, and no physical tools at all.  Or you can compile a workbook/folder with the many colourful printables, as well as various colourful charts and posters which can be laminated and written on with fine tip whiteboard markers.  Choose the method which works best for you, and use resources accessible by you right now.

7 Days to a More Organised Homeschool will help you to choose which specific organisational tools you need to implement to manage homeschooling well, and with confidence.  At only $7, that's just $1 per day for practical, logical and encouraging direction to a more organised household and homeschooling journey.



  • 30 page workbook
  • 10 other downloads
  • 7 sessions + 7 daily emails
  • discount on 1:1 coaching
  • access to support community

Let's Do This!

An organised life allows space for the things that really matter. 
Your homeschooling journey need not be about constantly juggling everyone's needs.

A plan that allows time and resources for everything important to your family is the first step to living the homeschool life you want. 

Together we will look at: household budget, homeschool budget, annual plans - overview and detailed, weekly schedules, menu plans, to do lists and daily rhythms.

I'm Ready!

Beverley Paine

Bel has distilled her knowledge, gleaned from parenting and home educating her seven children from tiny tot to young adults, into workshops designed to reassure, inform and encourage parents.

Miranda Reis

I have come away from Bel's courses feeling empowered and with lots of new ideas to try and use. I thoroughly enjoyed Bel's courses and would recommend her services to any families, both considering home education, or at any stage on the home education journey.