Three Reasons I'm Glad We Homeschool - Part 3

This is the third and final post in this series.  See the first and second three reasons here and here.


Each of our six graduates have learned various things in various ways, to suit their learning styles.  Some studied independently a lot, others loved co-operative learning with their siblings and/or peers - including classes, all of them have studied something online at some stage, and some really liked to learn from me, or their Dad, or another adult working closely with them.


There are plenty of years of busyness in adulthood.  I am glad our lifestyle allows our children to rest when they are tired, rest when they are unwell, rest when they are growing (physically or emotionally).

I love that they can walk into our forest, and gaze at our flowing creek, and ponder all of life.  

Sometimes I've been frustrated with how much they've rested, as teenagers, but now I know it was what they needed at the time.


By homeschooling, I can see that we are living meaningful lives.  In the teen years I have recognised the value of guiding them into adulthood through volunteering, learning about voting and politics, financial literacy, talking about relationships, travel - including solo travel, camps, family trips, with one parent and with friends, work and micro businesses, changing course and knowing that there are many paths, more varied social opportunities, exploring transport options, learning to drive, learning to maintain a vehicle... sure not all of the conversations or life lessons seem to stick, but it's encouraging to hear them come back home and explain "life" to a younger sibling in our exact words!


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