Three Reasons I'm Glad We Homeschool - Part 1

Some of the reasons I'm glad we're a home educating family include...


As an avid reader myself, I'm so happy to be able to give our family the opportunity to read and read and read.  Homeschooling has allowed our children a lot of time to read.  They can read to suit their interests and abilities. 

Our children learned to read when they were ready.  They were aged 3 to 8 when they read independently.

Oh, and books.  Homeschooling = books...  So many books!  Being homeschoolers means guilt-free home library building!


We have had so many occasions when we've come across wildlife, for one example, and had the time to photograph it, research it, draw it, write about it, talk about it to others...  Time is such a precious commodity, and without it, spontaneous learning is difficult. 

A lot of our most memorable learning situations were spontaneous ones.  No one remembers my handmade phonics readers, doing maths workbooks, or learning stuff by rote - but they ALL remember collecting an echidna from the roadside, exploring deserted beaches, eating homegrown peaches on the lawn, and spotting a crocodile in our old backyard.  What will your kids remember from their home education journey?


Not that they are always friends, or overly close, but our kids have had the option of spending time together, working on projects, talking things through, and really learning to co-habitate with others - much more than families whose children spend a lot of their time at school.

Check back next Tuesday for another three reasons...


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