Resource Review: Outschool

For the past couple of months, Zeah has been trying various Outschool classes.  She's tried escape rooms, maths lessons, and arts & crafts.  She's engaged with teachers from Australia and the US.  She's met other children aged 5-8 years, from all over the world.  And she's loved it!  As soon as a lesson ends, she asks what she's enrolled in next.  She finishes every lesson smiling and proud, encouraged and inspired.  Zeah is getting a lot more out of her Outschool classes than I expected.

Zeah uses a phone or tablet to access Outschool most of the time, it feels less restrictive than sitting at the computer.

Outschool offers classes across every subject area, as well as classes and groups for specific interests, and social groups.  They have something for everyone aged 3 to 18 years.  I'm sure we would have used Outschool a lot with our teens if there were more classes in Australian time zones a few years ago.

Teachers and students on Outschool are from all over the world, with a rapidly growing presence in Australia.  This means Australian teachers, Australian learners, Australian content, and classes to suit Australian time zones!  About two-thirds of the classes Zeah has completed so far were with US-based teachers, but they were at about 10am AEST time on weekdays, which really suits us as homeschoolers in Queensland.  There is a Facebook group to help you connect with Australian Outschoolers.

I joined Outschool as their first Australian Ambassador last month, which means that I can offer you a free class!  If you're new to Outschool and you'd like US$20 off, go to and use the code HC20.  If you need help applying the code to your purchase, head here for instructions. This code will let you try your first Outschool class for free, without any ongoing commitments.  Enjoy!


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