I'm back for a New Year!

announcement Jan 06, 2024

I'm excited about 2024.  More excited than I've been about a New Year for awhile.  I've posted some planning posts on facebook, and I'm meeting with a friend for some regular journaling sessions.  I'm scheduling some time out, and I've majorly decluttered parts of my home over the holidays.

I hope you're feeling great about 2024 too!  Head to calendly.com/spiralbel if you want to book a spot to get sorted for 2024. We can chat about organising, planning, resources, time management, avoiding burnout, plans, record keeping, long-term goals, learning activities, ideas, juggling (roles, not balls), or whatever challenges you're facing or wondering about.  Sessions start from $110 for an hour consult with prep notes and follow-up email.  Not a bad investment for a potentially fabulous new year!


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