Resource Review: Moneysmart and More

Recently, I shared a review of a printable resource to learn about Money from Teachers Pay Teachers (which also has heaps of cool freebies too, if you want to sample what's available).  Then I reviewed the Barefoot Investor for Families.  To continue with the money theme check out this collection of over 60 resources.  From this Australian government site families can learn about budgeting, charity, advertising, enterprise, sustainability, consumerism, investing, savings goals and more.   

If you do unit studies, or project-based homeschooling, Consider including practical topics like money in your home learning journey...  it's relatively easy to gather resources and children love to learn about real life.  Some other subjects we've covered in other 'real life' units include:

growing food
kitchen skills

Rather than a rigid curriculum, the projects have been a conscious choice to include the children in our daily living (rather than expecting them to notice what we model), and delve into each topic with some learning resources to assist.  This style of home education allows for some 1:1 time with each child, which is important in our large family.  Because it was their "schoolwork" project we felt more committed to work (and learn) alongside them on a regular basis (longer-term homeschoolers will understand how easy it is to be distracted). 

Within a unit study we have also used workbooks for teens to complete at their own pace such as these from Blake Education (they're sometimes on sale for as little as $2 on Wednesdays, sign up for their emails).

I hope your family enjoy the Moneysmart resources.  There are more useful tools and info on this ATO page, including resources from preschool level  looking at values, sharing and fairness.  And if anyone in the family is considering starting a business, both the federal and state government have excellent step-by-step guides such as this page.

It's great for kids to consider money from many aspects - not just the maths, but also sustainability, security, ethics and energy.  Since money one of the top stressors in our society, this is an important topic to grasp for lifelong wellbeing! 

In my Organised Homeschool mini-course, I have included a whole session on homeschool budgeting.  Money is an important aspect of every area of our lives.

Complimentary currency is an alternative method of trade to money.  We participate locally via Community Exchange Australia - specifically FNQ Community Exchange.  There are many videos and websites online explaining alternatives to money, and it's interesting to look at recent examples of this method of trade flourishing such as during the past decade in Greece.

Do you have some suggestions for learning about money?  We'd love to hear your ideas, please email us, or head to our Facebook Group to discuss Money Matters!


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