Legal Requirements for Homeschooling in Australia

australian homeschool Jan 30, 2024

In Australia, each state and territory has its own regulations regarding homeschooling. While the overall principles are similar, it is crucial to check the specific requirements for the state or territory in which you reside. Generally, parents register with their state or territory's education department or homeschooling authority. This registration process may involve filling out an application form, providing education plans, and occasionally, submitting to home visits or assessments. Some families choose not to ever register - understanding the requirements, your rights, and any repercussions is important.

Parents of registered children are responsible for maintaining records of their child's educational progress. This may include documenting completed assignments to record progress, and maintaining portfolios of their child's work. These records serve as evidence of the child's educational development and may be required during registration or assessment processes.

It is important for homeschooling parents to stay updated with any changes in the legal requirements for homeschooling. Joining homeschooling associations or support groups can provide valuable information and support. These groups may organise workshops, conferences or summits, and networking events, allowing parents to connect with other homeschooling families and share resources and experiences. In recent years, most homeschooling events in Australia have been online, which means they are easier to access, cheaper to attend, and workshops can often be experienced at a time to suit you.

By first understanding the legal requirements for homeschooling in Australia, parents can confidently embark on this educational journey focused on the joys and rewards of homeschooling, creating an enriching educational experience for their children. Find your state's guidelines by doing an internet search for your state, eg "Queensland homeschool registration", or "Victoria home education register", for example, there will be a variety of information, documents, forms, and examples on the state government education website, as well as contact details for the office overseeing homeschooling in your state.


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